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SEAONICS provide premium topside lift and handling equipment for offshore vessels. Optimal equipment vessel integration is secured through close collaboration with vessel designer and ship owner, and has proved effective through existing deliveries. All equipment is controlled through SEAONICS integrated control system. Equipment include complete moonpool and overside LARS systems, with skidding, doors and hangar equipment. SEAONICS also deliver offshore and deck cranes, with hybrid and fiber rope solutions. All equipment is prepared for battery driven operations.


* Within the IMR and P&A segment SEAONICS collaborate with Castor Drilling Solutions and deliver integrated innovative tower solutions.  

* Within the wind segment SEAONICS is present through ICD Software, a turnkey provider of control and automation systems. 

SEAONICS Main Office,Nedre Strandgate 29
NO-6004 Aalesund,NORWAY

Main Switchboard: +47 71 39 16 00

Service 24 hours: +47 93 07 44 00